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Thursday 4 October 2012

Knock - Knock

A bright, sunny and warm autumn day persuaded us we should take advantage of the weather to take off one of our front doors for a much needed make-over!

Several hour later the results are astounding!

The dull grey, grimy and encrusted timber panels turn out to be a pair of beautifully crafted doors made from large solid sections of golden douglas fir that, despite its appearance, has survived exceptionally well with no rotting, splitting or warping.

Several hours of careful and laborious sanding reveals that all inset panels are raised and fielded from thick planks and all rails are milled from large faultless sections of solid timber.
Considering the doors are over 70 years old (some people in the village remember when they were made and by whom!) and it looks as though they have not been well cared for or treated or otherwise protected for years … the joints between panels and rails remain as perfect as the day they were made.

Fixing holes and impressions on the wood surface show the ironmongery to be original, its period charm beautifully enhanced by a good clean and polish!
However, the job’s only half done … the other door awaits.! 

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