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Thursday 30 August 2012

Kitchen Creations

Impressive performance from the local kitchen suppliers … two complete kitchens delivered, assembled and installed yesterday from scratch in six hours by two very hardworking fitters.

Base carcasses in place for the smaller apartment.

Mirror installation in place for the larger apartment.

Dishwasher and sink as fitted in the smaller apartment.

The oven and extract hood remain to be connected and fitted by the electrician.

Likewise with the larger apartment … dishwasher and hob in place.

Freestanding fridge-freezer will be where the oven is … waiting to be fitted by the electrician.  

Monday 27 August 2012

Window Dressing

As soon as the decorators finish … cool white throughout … the carpenter arrives to fit custom made windows, each perfectly dimensioned to the wide variety of structural openings that exist in the building.

Why does a view always look so much better through a beautiful window?

Full height double glazing to french doors maximises, where possible, light in and views out

All window frames are in finest quality douglas fir with a clear varnish to match the golden honey yellow of the external venetian shutters and doors.

Solid shutter doors, bolts and mortice locks provide security and ensure privacy for the main entrance doors to each of the apartments …

… while all glass panes are latest regulation double glazing with enhanced acoustic and thermal properties to conserve energy and limit the intrusion, if required, of the sometimes deafening cicada chorus on hot summer nights!

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sealing up the Ceiling

Unfortunately the ground floor ceilings had been stripped of original timber beams and any traditional character many years ago … all replaced with cast concrete beams and extruded baked clay infill panels … extremely utilitarian. 

Limited headroom and budget prevents re-introducing ceiling timbers so the only practical option is to plasterboard all ceilings tight to the existing soffit structures, ensuring lighting and power circuit conduits are all in place before sealing up the ceilings.

Immediately the various rooms look very different and far more finished than before … final plaster skimming and decorating will follow shortly.

Heating pipes and extract ducting are hidden behind a dropped bulkhead above the future corner kitchen area.

In just one week all ceiling areas have been closed off and prepared for final finishes and decorations … just hope the electricians can find the conduit once the ceilings have been taped, skimmed and painted!