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Monday 30 January 2012

Original Treasures

These wonderful wooden beam ceilings are to be sandblasted and restored in the near future. They provide a majestic canopy to all the first floor areas including our future bedrooms. We've always loved the idea of waking up to a beamed ceiling ... 

... and these will be in our twin bedded gust room.

This is the original cast iron wood burning stove that came with the house which we will be relocating into our dining room. It appears to work OK although needs a thorough clean and re-polish ... nothing a bit of TLC can't bring back to life!

Sunday 29 January 2012

Why we fell in love with 'Casa sul Monte'

While relatively plain externally, the interior instantly captured our hearts, or emotions … and our imagination. An unspoiled ‘time-capsule’ of 19th Century rural Umbria we were, on entry, immediately transported back in time to an age when the large open fireplace formed the focus of family life. Dominating the classic ‘cucina contadina’ (farmhouse kitchen) the walk-in fireplace with original wrought iron accessories provides an instant ‘Kodak moment’, its proportions perfectly counterbalancing the magnificent beamed ceiling proudly displaying the smoke of ages in its every nook and cranny.

Of the many properties seen over two years this open fire, high beamed ceilings, spacious rooms, thick stone walls, exposed oak lintels and waxed clay floor tiles captured the very essence of the Umbrian farmhouse we had been looking for! It more than fulfilled the long harbored dream and almost at once … felt like home!
We began to image our next family Christmas with stockings hanging from the mantlepiece … the taste of hot mince pies, aroma of a roasting turkey and sounds of excited grandchildren perfectly blending with the snap, crackle and pop of our own logs burning on the open fire, a picture perfect recreation of the classic Christmas card.
No surprise then that we fell in love with Casa sul Monte!

Sunday 22 January 2012

House on the Hill

Our first view of this romantic 200 year old property set in the wooded hills of central Umbria overlooking the Tiber valley. Entirely built of local stone it was immediately apparent it was well built and offered tremendous potential so, after some deliberation we decided to by it. That was early August 2011. It eventually became ours the 29th November last year! Nearly four months of negotiations and sensitive management of the complexities of Italian property law made it feel like a lifetime but eventually the deal was done and the property transfered ownership. This will be our new home … we can hardly wait to make it happen!